Sunday, June 14, 2009

At the Garden Gate

I used PSP 9 to create this tutorial.

CILM Tou #32

Plugins needed:


Scrapkit A Faery Land, is a creation of DMG and can be purchase here

The tube is by Rachel Anderson and can be purchased at CILM


Abbreviations of common instructions:
(DS is Drop Shadow, C&P is Copy and Paste)

A tube of your choice.
The A Faery Land Kit
Two Fancy Fonts of your choice

1. Open a new transparent image. Pick the paper from the kit that you like best.
I chose paper 11. Open the paper into your psp then copy it.
Go to your new open image and do a select all.
(To copy it Edit - Copy. To do a select all Selections - Select All)
Now go to Edit - Paste - Paste into selection. Select None.
Take this layer do in opacity to 60. (The slide bar in the layers panel will do this)
Name this layer Paper (Right click on this layer to see the rename option)

2. Find the tube of the gate. Then C&P - Paste as a new layer
it into your new image.
I sharpened it then applied a DS 1/1 100 2 then I did the -1/-1 100 2.
Name this layer Gate

3. Find the Wings tube. Go to Image - Resize - Percent 150 to increase the wings size.
C&P - Paste as New Layer, the wings into your image.
Make sure it is the top layer and decrease the opacity to 46.
Do the DS the same as step 3.
Name this layer Wings

4. Locate the Doodle 8 and C&P - Paste as a New Layer, then position it to the left.
This is to give the effect of a fence.
Now with this layer active, right click and Duplicate this layer.
Make the duplicate layer active and go to Image - Mirror. It will place it
on the opposite side.
With this layer still active go Layers - Merge - Merge Down.
The two layer become one. Now do the DS like in step 3.

5. Now is the time to place the tube you've chosen. C&P - As a New layer.
I did the same DS as before, and sharpened the image.

6. Now Layers - Merge - Merge All.

7. Add your copyright information. Then your wording
I used A&S Black Swan. 30 pt.

8. I resized the tag to 350 px and sharpened it.
It's ready for your name as well.
If you're scripting the tag, this is when you'd want to save it.
I used Easy Street at 48 pt and put the bold on it.
I then DS'd with the same setting but used Black on the 1/1 100/2
and a pink color on the -1/-1 100 2

9. I then resized it to 325, sharpened it. Put a 3 px border in darker green, around it
and it's done.

All rights reserved by Nasty Harpy.
Written June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I used PSP 9 to create this tutorial.

CILM Tou #32

Plugins needed:


Scrapkit A Faery Land, is a creation of DMG and can be purchase here

The tube is by Caron Vinson and can be purchased at CILM


The Tube of your choice

The Scrapkit A Faery Land

Optional: A soft looking mask

1. Open a 600 x 600 transparent new image.

2. I resized my tube to 90%, you might not need to. Go to Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen

3. Copy and paste your tube into your blank palette. Effects - Drop Shadow (DS) 2/2 70 5

4. Find Doodle 7 in the kit. I resized it by 90%. Again I sharpened this, and then placed it in the
lower corner of my tube. I duplicated this layer. (To duplicate click on the layer you want, right click and choose duplicate.)

5. Now on the duplicated layer I did a Image - Mirror, then I x'd (to x out the layers, just click on the eyes in your layer palette) out all the layers but the doodle layers. Then with the duplicate layer as the active layer, I merged visible. You should have 3 layers in your palette. If you like you can rename them so you know which are which. Just click on the layer you want to rename, and right click, it gives you the option to rename it. I renamed mine. Background, tube, pink doodle.

6. Take the x's off the other layers so you can see everything. Now DS on the pink doodle layer. I used a darker color from my tube, and the settings are 1/1 70 2 and I did the -1/-1 70 2 as well.

7. Next is doodle 4. I again pasted it into the tag and slide this layer right below the tube. I place mine to the right a bit.

8. Okay now find the frame you like. I chose frame 3, and resized it 90%. I then sharpened it and pasted it into my tag. I slide this layer to just above the background layer. I then applied the DS with these settings. 0/0 70 2 with a light color from the tube.

9. I then found frame 7 resized it to 70%. sharpened it and pasted it into the tag. I slide it below the flowers and positioned it. I applied the above DS but change the color to another darker color and applied it 3x.

10. I chose the pinkglitterswirl. I pasted it into my tag, and slide this layer between the round frame and the flowers.

11. Lastly I chose the Flower vine, reduced it to 80%. sharpened it, then pasted it. I did the DS the same as above, but chose a color from my tube. I applied the DS twice.

12. I did a merge visible. For my background I added to new layers. One I named 1 and the other 2. I chose two colors from my tube and flood both layers with a different color. I then applied a soft mask to the layer 1. However, you could choose a background paper from the kit.

13. Merge Flatten , and resize your tag to the size you like it. I usually do the largest side to 350 px. Don't forget to Sharpen it when you resize it.

Add the last step I did was apply my copyright information. I use Arial 10 black/black.

Pick your font. I used 1 Archer DNA size 26. I applied DS as above with a color from the tube, and applied it 3x

I hope the results you get make you very proud of your work.

See ya soon!

All rights reserved by Nasty Harpy

Written June 13th 2009