Thursday, February 19, 2009

At the Movies

I used PSP 9 to write this tutorial
Any similarities to other Tutorials
is purely coincidental.
The art used in this tutorial is
© Joel Adams,
and can be purchased at CILM

You will need:

4 tubes from the same genre or Artist
Animation Shop
The Film tube
No outside Filters needed.

1. Open a new image 400 x 400

2. Flood Fill the image with white
Choose the tube you want to be your
large image. I had to resize mine to 300 px on
the size that's the largest.
Make sure to Sharpen the image. Adjust - Sharpen
Copy and paste your tube onto your canvas.
DS: 1/1/75/2 and do the -1/-1/75/2

3. Now load the Film strip
Rotate it 90 Clockwise so it's standing
on end. Sharpen your film strip.

4. Add two Raster Layers, you will now have three layers.
The first one, name (right click on the layer to get the rename option)
the second one name film
the third name tubes

5. Click on the Film layer to make it active.
Using your magic wand, click inside the first film opening.
Your magic wand should be set to 0 Tolerance and 0 Feather
Contiguous checked and Anti Alias Checked.
You will find these setting up above on the status bar.
Go to Selections-Modify-Expand and enter 2 OK
Do not deselect.

6. Now you can flood fill with white or fill it the blank spot
with a background or gradient.
Do not deselect.

7. Resize the tube you are using for this first piece.
I resized mine on Smart Size and to 20%.
Sharpen it.
Drop Shadow - 1/1/75/1 do the -1's as well
Then Edit-copy
Click on the tube layer
and go to Edit-Paste into selection.
If you need to, sharpen again.

You can deselect now. (selections - Selections None)

8. Do these same steps 5 - 7 for the
next two film openings.
Here's a hint: if you find your images are
"warping" when you put them into the film boxes,
try this instead: Instead of pasting into selection
Paste as a new layer, then you can move it
around if you need to. As a new layer the
program will put the tube in the center of
the canvas, just move it to where you
want it.

9. Alright now we need to merge the film piece
all together. Merge Visible. Keep this layer open.

10. Close all your tubes, and click on your background image, the
one that has the largest tube on it. Click on the tube layer
and duplicate it (right click to find the duplicate),
then resize it to about 70%. Slide this layer
beneath the larger layer of the tube, then reduce the opacity (the little sliding bar next to the eye) to
40%. Merge Flatten.

11. Okay now we're going to copy and paste our film
where we want it on the main canvas. Make sure to leave
enough space to do your wording.
Now that that's placed, we want to crop the images so
the extra is not obvious. Of course you could just
resize the film strip larger as well. But your
wording space will diminish as well.
It is here you will want to add your
copyright information.

12. Now we will do our writings. All but
the words for your larger tube. (in my
case Wynonna)
I used Arial Narrow 12 pt
Merge the names down.

You can skip all the wording
and simply add a name if
you like

Add a new raster layer
and type Wynonna's words separately.
Once they are where you want them
Merge flatten the whole tag, and name it
then do an undo and use a DS 4/4/7510 with
a light yellow, make sure to do the -4 as well.
Merge this down and name it Filmtag2.

I did the same with the Now Playing words
but DS'd them opposite to the other words.

To animate our tag in Ani Shop.

Because the tag is saved as to separate pieces
we're going to use Animation Wizard to bring them

In Ani Shop go to File-Animation Wizard (there
is an icon for it on the task bar as well.
Click on: Same size as first image. Next
Click on Transparent. Next
Click on Center Frames and Canvas Color
Make sure Scales Frames to fit is checked. Next.
You want the Yes repeat the animation
and the 10 in the other setting is good Next.
Add Image. Go find your two tags where ever you saved
When you have them both in the screen, Next.

Now both tag pieces are in the same frame in Ani shop.

Another option is you load the first tag into
Ani Shop and then the other, Click on the second tag
go to edit cut, then click on your first tag. Go to Paste - paste
After current image. There they are.

Now if your tags are in the same frame, if you click on the run
animation button you will see the words flash.

Under Animation - Resize I reduced my longest side
down to 300

I also went to the Frame properties and took it down
to 20

All rights reserved by Nasty Harpy
Written Feb 19 '09

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smell the Beauty


I used PSP 9 to create this tutorial.

Plugins needed: No outside plugins.

Drop Shadow


Image/Add Border

Items needed:

An Image

A large clear font

A nice elegant font

Animation Shop

This Bling

Artwork is AgiVega

© AgiVega, http//

1. Open a New Image 400x400 transparent.

2. Open your Image/Pic and colorize it - Adjust/Hue & Sat/Colorize.
I used Hue 43 and Sat 38. Mini mize.

3. Choose a foreground color off your image. Floodfill the blank image you created.
I chose #969774

4. Go to effects/textures/Blinds. Width 12 Op 87
Horizontal unclicked. Light from the bottom clicked, Black

5. Back to your pic/image. I cropped mine then resized it to 40%.
Play with this to get the size you like.

6. Copy your pic and paste as a new layer onto your bkgrnd. Effects/3d Effects/
DS .... 5/5/60/8 then do -5/-5/60/8 Black.

7. Choose a large, thick, clear font. I used Antigoni Med, size 42. I typed 42 into
the font box, as it's not an option you can choose. Pick a light color from your pic for the background palette. I also reduced my Kerning to -69. Kerning sets the spaces between your letters. You will find the Kerning box, (only when you have
a your A text box selected) in the upper left hand area below the word Image. There is
a slide on the bottom to let you play with the number.

8. Drop Shadow 1/1/100/2 black. Then do the -1's as well.
Then DS again with these settings:
Choose a dark color or Black. 5/5/50/10 and do the -5's.
Reduce the opacity of this layer to 55-60

9. Okay now find a nice written font, something elegant but easy to read.
I used 1 Archer DNA size 20. Chose two colors from your pic.
Type out your message, place it where you like it.
Then DS 1/1/100/2 choose a light color do the -1's as well.

10. Using the little arrows beside your color palette, switch your colors.
Increase the size of your font. I did 72. Type out your name.
Move it to where you like it.
Do the same DS as above.

11. Add your copyright info now. I use Arial Narrow 12 pt
then rotate it and move it into place. Do the DS as above.
Merge Flatten.

12. I did crop mine. Now go to Image/Add Border/10 Symmetric.
I used Black you can play with your colors.
Resize to 300px width. All layers.
Save as a jpg.

Now to Animate it.

1. Open Ani Shop, and pull your tag into it. We want to add
the bling that is included above. Open the bling in Ani Shop.

2. This bling has 19 frames. Therefore we must make
19 frames of our tag. Click on your tag, and then right click.
Duplicate your tag until you have 19 frames.

3. Now go to Edit/Select All.
Use the slider on the bottom to go to the 1st frame of your tag.
Now leave your tag for a moment.

4. Go to your bling. Make sure it's visible by itself, and you can see both it and your tag.
Move them around to make sure they are
Do the same as above. Both boxes should be showing
the first frames.

Good yer almost done!

5. READ THIS before doing anything.
You will go to the bling and click in the center, holding your button down.
You will drag the bling to your tag and place it where you want it.
There will be a slight ghost image so you can see where it's going.
Once it's where you want it, click.

Now you can check to see if you did this right by running the animation.
If it did not work right, it's because you clicked on the first frame but did
not hold it down. This unclicks the rest of the frames and only the first one will move.

6. Now click on the bling frame that is blank and do the undo button.
The bling will come back all ready for you to use again. We are applying 2 so
do the drag again, and place your bling.

Now run the ani again, and save it! Yer done!

All rights reserved by Nasty Harpy.
Written Feb 15 2009